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You go off in a group, by bike, to discover circuits designed by our team.
The topo and the GPS fixed on the handlebars, you let yourself be guided by carefully prepared indications, for maximum precision.

Practicable only from 01/07/2019 to 31/08/2019
(subject to accessibility)

  • Briefing the night before + Welcome drink
  • Roadbook of the step
  • Morning coffee at " l'étape de Pyrénées "
  • Access to POIs + GPS files of the chosen step
  • Cereal bars + energy drinks during the stage
  • Souvenir bottle (given to " l'étape de Pyrénées ")
  • Photos memories (via we transfer)
  • Mechanical assistance in case of breakdown + bike elec in case of failure
  • TE diploma of the chosen step
Options :
  • Picnic (10€)
  • Massage
  • Recovery
  • Sports coach (accredited instructor)
  • Bike rental
  • Photo report for the day.

TE#1 Hautacam

  • Tarif : 35.00€
  • Tarif (Partenaire) : 32.00€

The station Hautacam (Tramassel) has been a stop over point several times for the Tour de France.
With each pedal stroke, you will see panoramic views of the Argelès Valley, the Val d'Azun and the peaks of the Vignemale massif will help you to complete this climb! Up there, enjoy the visual pleasure before heading down towards a magical descent of more than 16 km!
Hautacam – Mountain 1st category (1617 m) - Average slope : 6.8% - Max slope: 11%

TE#2 Soulor - Aubisque

  • Tarif : 35.00€
  • Tarif (Partenaire) : 32.00€

Two other giants of the Tour de France: the Aubisque pass and the Soulor pass. West slope of nearly 17km with an average slope of 7.2%, the Aubisque pass is a real challenge.
Col du Soulor: 1474 m -2nd category (from Arrens-Marsous) - average slope of 8% and maximum slope of 8.5%
Col d'Aubisque: 1709 m - 1st category (from the Soulor pass) - average slope of 6.5% and maximum slope of 9%

TE#3 Luz-Ardiden

  • Tarif : 35.00€
  • Tarif (Partenaire) : 32.00€

The mythical ascent of the Luz Ardiden plateau which was the finishing point of several stages of the Tour de France.
Here history was made with the unforgettable Miguel Indurain, then with Lance Armstrong who, in spite of his fall, secured in 36 minutes his 5th victory in the Tour de France. A record to beat! ....
The Luz Ardiden clim bis pleasant in summer because there is little traffic and a shady route.
Luz Ardiden -1715 m -uncategorised: average slope: 7,5% - max slope: 9%

TE#4 Tourmalet

  • Tarif : 35.00€
  • Tarif (Partenaire) : 32.00€

The Tourmalet: This legendary pass of the Tour de France used 78 times since 1910, is no longer part of the circuit. Octave Lapize was decorated for the first time in 1910 during a stage of 326km. It remains the most difficult part of the Tour de France that has ever been completed.
Located 2115 metres above sea level, the Col du Tourmalet is one of the highest road passes in the Pyrenees, located entirely in France. It is dominated by the imposing Pic du Midi de Bigorre (2877 m).

TE#5 Gavarnie Col des Tentes

  • Tarif : 35.00€
  • Tarif (Partenaire) : 32.00€

Col des Tentes (2208 m) A sporty climb in the famous Gavarnie Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Uncategorised (from Gavarnie)
Average slope: 7.5% - max slope: 9%

TE#6 Cauterets - Pont d'Espagne

  • Tarif : 35.00€
  • Tarif (Partenaire) : 32.00€

Gateway to the Pyrénées National Park, the Pont d'Espagne is a small paradise on the mountain side.
The climb from Pierrefitte-Nestalas then the sublime loop in the village of Saint-Savin, is sporty and will send you along a road with a stunning view of majestic waterfalls. Pont d'Espagne 1460 m - 1st category (from Cauterets)
average slope: 8% - max slope: 9%.